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Upcoming release – All habits die


Performed by Thijs Dely (vocals), Korneel Vervaecke (sax, bass), Tom Vanneste (guitar, bass), Mattias Devriendt (keys), Arno De Bock (drums, ex-Portland)
Produced, recorded & mixed by Michiel De Maeseneer (Balthazar, Sylvie Kreusch, Nordmann,…)
Mastered by Laurens Grossen (Whispering Sons, Arsenal, Lords of Acid, Stake,…)
Special thanks to Yves Meersschaert (Gabriel Rios, Isolde Lasoen, Kris De Bruyne,…)
Recorded at studio Audioworkx, The Netherlands
Cover photo: Fauve Snauwaert – Cover design: Filip Erkens

‘All habits die’ will be released in march 2023, online, on vinyl and with a live show.






Background information

About Monserey

Monserey – a contraction of Monterrey and Monseré – originated in 2020, when the band started working with Ghent-based producer Yves Meersschaert. Close friends Thijs, Korneel, Tom & Mattias had been playing together for years and over time had musically explored the boundaries of different genres. They had also gained a lot of live experience: from youth clubs, music clubs and small festivals to even the AB Club (after winning a music competition on Studio Brussels).
The friends’ lives diverged, but music had kept them together all this time in the rehearsal room. Ultimately, from the hundreds of ideas and songs they gathered over the years, they wanted to craft a record, the ultimate goal.


After the first pre-production sessions with Yves Meersschaert, the band brought in producer Michiel De Maeseneer to harmonise the sound and feel in the last straight line to the studio recordings. Drummer Arno De Bock joined the group as well. This allowed frontman Thijs Dely, who had been combining drums and vocals, to focus entirely on vocals.

In the shadow of being the frontman, Thijs went through a severe depression. Friendship and music remained rays of hope. In his lyrics, he tries to mend what can be mended, and brings closure to what should be closed (“You look at me, but you can never know / what’s really going on inside me now. / That time is over”). Cautiously, he looks ahead (“time only talks slowly”). The result is a cinematic album on the edge between melancholy regret, frustration and self-forgiveness: ‘All habits die’. 


Photography: Karoly Effenberger